Artist Statement:


Nature, geysers, the night sky, birds and happy moments of being alive inspire me. 

Over the years I have focused on painting birds.  I love their shapes and colors.  I like showing relationships in the pictures, or birds mirroring each other.  I like showing patterns and families!

I draw with colors and new shapes from my imagination. I paint them on the purses I sew. I use leaf patterns for backgrounds or for earrings. I love going and finding the leaves right outside my studio.

It makes me feel calm to paint and sew and do jewelry. I like doing detailed work with intricate designs. I choose to make art because it's peaceful, loving, and magical. 

YES! (arms raised to the sky with enthusiasm)!

Pansy 2 Hawks.jpg


Julia Pozsgai

Two Budgerigars w Baby hanging out on branch winter 2019.jpg

My Art

Paintings, Jewelry, Fiber Arts, Metal Works